"A storyteller can attempt to tell the human tale, can remind us that the swallows still sing around the smokestacks" Jane Yolen.

Singing Swallows is about connecting young people with those who went through the Holocaust. The performance explores what life was like for a young person during this time and how much they might've understood that their communities, identity and lives were at risk.


This show tries to spark the imaginations of the young audience through technology and physical performance. Singing Swallows is a starting point for Holocaust education, a way to connect young people with the messages from our Holocaust survivors. Messages of love, peace, acceptance, and strength.


A beautiful and symbolic representation of a storytelling experience that cannot be replicated. An early start to understanding the Holocaust, connecting to young peoples lives through voice recording and visual storytelling. For ages 9 and above.


Singing Swallows is a fantastic initial engagement with holocaust stories and a great starting point for holocaust education. Singing Swallows has previously toured to multiple schools over the past five years and was performed to students from grades 3 to 12. We have found students of all ages to be incredibly engaged with this material which has demonstrated through informative Q&A sessions following the performance.


Please see school booking form below, all performances will have a Q&A straight afterwards. Please note that due to the precarious nature of COVID-19 there is flexibility around cancellations and rescheduling because of restrictions changing etc.